The veil talked to the wolf


  • حجاب با گرگ صحبت کرد
  • [The veil talked to the wolf] is a half-live album
  • track 01 was performed live at Untitled hub, Moscow, during Dark hipster ice show
  • tracks 02&03 were recorded later with same setup and settings as outro, or rearrangements of the initial composition.
  • live mix and generator session // Untitled hub, Moscow
  • Dark hipster ice show by Alek Petuk
  • Recorded live on Oct, 15 2017
  • *****
  • The veil talked to the wolf is a quotation from one Persian fairy tale, narrated live via Telegram app during the show
  • Thanks to Alek Petuk for invitation

Release info

  • 2017 digital release
  • ©Г5—54