Umbau [+SNS]


  • SNS/maxim silenkov *korg ms-20/sq-1/emx-1/turntable/violin
  • Г5—54/alexey yeliseev *roland aira set/drum machines
  • Г5—54/sasha minchenko *analogue synths/noises/cassette players
  • Live with SNS —
  • recorded live at SNS/moscow
  • january 03, 2017
  • mixed/mastered by Г5–54
  • cover photo by sasha minchenko/APXIV
  • tracks include rhymes and texts narrated by sasha minchenko and recorded by his parents in the mid–1990s, voices from conferences of the USSR ministry of grain production and popular songs

Release info

  • 2017 digital release
  • ©Г5–54