Sicherheit im Weltraum


  • live session at khlebozavod space, moscow
  • release is recorded at kot.01 festival and dedicated to the late nineties in moscow and early pop-up art exhibits
  • thanks to our stable (permanent?) collaborator,
  • Г5—54 project/
  • alexey yeliseev *bass guitar/pedalboard/health trimmer zdorovie/Г5—54 creepy crusher
  • sasha minchenko *Г5—54 umrukhl/live mixing/noise appliances/hard limiting/voice distortion
  • SNS/
  • maxim silenkov *korg emx-1/korg minilogue/roland vt-3
  • recorded live at Khlebozavod/moscow
  • january 27, 2018
  • mixed/mastered by Г5—54
  • cover artwork by sasha minchenko

Release info

  • 2018 digital release
  • ©Г5—54, SENSE