• live session feat. alexey grishin and sasha puchkova
  • alexey grishin *bass
  • sasha puchkova *keyboards
  • Г5—54 project/
  • alexey yeliseev *roland aira tr–8/tb–3/drum machines/mixers
  • sasha minchenko *analogue synths/noises/cassette players
  • recorded live at stronghouse mobile studio/moscow
  • january 02—03, 2017
  • mixed/mastered by Г5—54
  • cover artwork by sasha puchkova
  • tracks include rhymes and texts narrated by sasha minchenko and recorded by his parents in the mid–1990s
  • thanks to vladimir bolshakov [whiteowl] and sergey ustinov

Release info

  • 2017 digital release / compact-cassette release [signed edition with extra b-sides]
  • ©Г5—54