Hell is beautiful


  • Ann Rotaenko | Г5—54 live at Moscow Biennale of contemporary art 2017 opening fashion show (parallel program)
  • Working as DJ at the opening of an exhibition within 7th Moscow Biennale parallel program activities, it turned out to be my duty to make voice announcements about sponsor's advertising campaign, a cosmetics company, every half an hour. However, there were no restrictions in using field recordings, power tools and mechanical oscillators.
  • Text by Ann Rotaenko
  • ***
  • allihoopa figure pre-programmed music by Ann Rotaenko [track 01]
  • field recordings and motorized equipment sounds / live mixing by Sasha Minchenko [tracks 01 and 02]
  • cover artwork by Ann Rotaenko
  • The phrase, 'my favourite artists are Rodchenko, Lissitsky, Malevich', is taken from the Moscow biennale curator Yuko Hasegawa's interview.
  • mixed and mastered using Kometa tape reel-to-reel machine at Г5—54 Stronghouse
  • december, 19 2017

Release info

  • 2017 digital release
  • ©Г5—54