These elections were the last ones


  • Г5—54
  • alexey yeliseev *guitar *boss ml-2/ps-6/rv-6
  • sasha minchenko *turntable *cassette player *sine synth *live mixing *roland vt-3
  • maxim silenkov *korg ms-20/sq-1/emx-1/esx-1
  • alena elatantseva *noise *back vocals
  • alexey smyslov *tape curatorship
  • recorded live at SENSE space
  • khlebozavod, moscow
  • mixed/mastered by Г5—54
  • cover artwork by sasha minchenko
  • photo by alexey yeliseev Г5—54
  • tracks and album names are the quotations from Anton Troianovski's essay
  • released March 19, 2018

Release info

  • 2018 digital release, compact cassette release, vhs release
  • ©Г5—54
  • ©SENSE